Daycare & Socialisation
May 6, 2014
A Typical Boarding Day
May 8, 2014

Our boarding kennels come in many different designs.

Each chalet is a built from wood and painted very decoratively. They are all fully insulated, tiled and heated via thermostatic controls. They have televisions and different forms of bedding which cater for all breeds of dogs. They also have large personal play areas which can be used for time out from the social play times or just for chilling or sunbathing (yes the sun occasionally shines).

We built a new nursery which is underfloor heated and painted in the blue and yellow colours, which are reportedly the only colours that dogs can truly recognise. The smaller dogs and pups generally sleep in this area. Each nursery has a stable door and they can play with each other in a safe covered room with a television.

Beach Huts & Big Dog Pens

As the demands for Walkapaws boarding guests have grown, so too have the sleeping areas. We built large tiled sleeping rooms which contain big cosy beds and offer immediate access to the social areas. These rooms are in big demand during the summer months. We understand that it is hard to find accommodation for large breed dogs as most boarding kennels are built to a specific size. We purpose-built large pens which have trampoline beds for lazing around, cosy XXXL kennels within them and lots of room for breeds like Newfoundlands, St. Bernards and Malamutes etc. They also have immediate access to the agility and play areas. These pens are very popular with clients.