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May 7, 2014

INS News Agency Ltd...7/03/2014 ****************Picture by Vagner Vidal******************* Second day of Crufts 2014 the world's biggest dog show at Birmingham NEC. Picture shows Bloodhound Sollie having a nap, with his head resting on his paw following a hard day at work.


Our daycare and activity centre is very popular and many new friendships are formed on a regular basis.

M any busy people do not want their dogs locked up at home alone whilst they have to work. Dogs arrive from 8am and embark on a full day of play with all the other day care pets and all the boarding dogs. Multiple staff supervises and play with all dogs at all times. Dogs are then picked up by 6pm when our gates close.

e also specialize in helping dogs that have experienced trauma or shy dogs. We teach them how to build their confidence levels and enjoy how to play with other dogs. Some dog owners also think their dogs may be aggressive but much of the time it is just fear. We generally can determine these personality traits very quickly and help these dogs overcome any aggressive or assertive behavior and they learn how to love life and play without fear again.

Our client feedback on our Day Care Facility has been overwhelmingly positive and anyone who thinks their dogs could benefit should contact us and give your dog a trial day.