Boarding & Chalets
May 7, 2014

Each day begins at 7am to 7.30am (depending on the time of year) when the staff arrives and all doors are opened for our guests to start their day.
After a good stretch, run around and bathroom, they are all returned to their specific areas for breakfast at 8.30am

B reakfast comprises of 3 varieties of high protein dry kibble – we use high protein as dogs are active all day and require a higher nutritional intake. Fresh chicken and ham is chopped up in the kitchen and added to the kibble. In the morning Weetabix and Porridge Oats are also added. We find this helps with good toilet function!!! The dogs usually scoff down the lot…..Note: Some dogs are on special diets for medical or weight reasons and cannot have our food. We then ask clients to bring in their own food and this is all written on a board and given as advised.


At 9am to 9.30am, the hounds are unleashed for a day of play. The staff then spend the rest of the day alternating one another from cleaning the bedrooms to playing with the dogs. We have many different play areas including agility, puppy parks, small and big dogs play areas, paddle pools, tunnels, obstacles and of course what they all love TRAMPOLINES, everywhere!! Some dogs are also taken to the forest for daily one hour walks off lead, and some are taken out for road walks.

After a full day of play, walks and pampering they are returned for their dinner around 4pm. This is the same food, kibble/ham/chicken as the morning, without the ceral. They then digest for a little while and are let out again for evening play around 5pm. This play continues until between 6pm to 7.30pm (depending on time of year). Staff then return very tired babies to their sleeping areas. All dogs are given a treat to bed with them and generally sleep soundly until 7am next morning when it all starts again.